Just for Kids Law

Just for Kids Law mural with values like 'compassion' and 'respect'.

in 2020, a grant of £30,000 was awarded towards the refurbishment of new office space in London.


Just for Kids Law supports young people to navigate their way through challenging times: whether they are facing difficulties at school, immigration problems, are homeless, in need of social care support or are caught up in the criminal justice system. It aims to ensure that their legal rights and entitlements are respected and promoted, and their voices heard and valued. They have gained a reputation for taking the evidence from its direct work with individual children and young people to fight for wider reform through strategic litigation and empowering children and young people to campaign. Over recent years its campaigning has achieved significant changes to national law and legislation – for example, 17- year-olds are now treated as children when at the police station.


Their application was to help refurbish their new office space so staff could support service users more effectively. It also involved upgrading IT capabilities to support agile and flexible working. With over 100 clients attending one-to-one meets per year and over the phones it was vital they developed a private and reassuring environment to be able to communicate. The charity had raised £60,000 at the time of application and we awarded a grant of £30,000 towards a total project budget of £100,000.