Photo from Claremont Project: At the forefront, an older woman smiles and dances, facing the camera.

In 2020, we award an additional £10,000 grant towards the completion of the original capital project, enabling Claremont to divert its reserves towards its COVID-19 response.

OrganisationClaremont has been around since 1907. It pioneered many important developments in social care and development including programmes in the 1920’s and 30’s which became models for the Welfare State, one of the first child care services for working women, and even free acting classes as a route out of poverty. Claremont is a founding member of the Flourishing Lives coalition which is united by a shared vision of excellent services for older people, working together to ensure that older people are genuinely valued and empowered to lead healthier, happier, more active and connected lives. It places emphasis on how services are delivered, not just on providing them.

Refurbishment Project

In 2017 we awarded £50,000 to the Claremont Project towards the refurbishment of its building. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020, we wrote to existing grantees asking them to contact us if they required additional support with their capital project. Claremont Project was one of the charities that did.

Before COVID, Claremont had been operating throughout the refurbishment and was planning to re-open fully in March. Like many charities, it suffered a significant loss in regular and service income. Although it was able to reduce some costs, because it works with older people, 80% of whom live alone, Claremont decided not to furlough staff as it wanted to be actively engaged in supporting its 1,000+ older people. A grant of £10,000 was awarded.