Honey Pot Children's Charity

In 2018, we awarded a grant of £25,000 towards the construction of a swimming pool at the charity’s Honeypot House in Wales.


Honeypot Children’s Charity supports young carers aged between 5 and 12 years of age, most of whom juggle their education alongside performing a surrogate adult role at home. Many of them care for a chronically or terminally ill loved one, or have a parent with an addiction or mental health problem. The charity offers an annual respite breaks at one of their two Honeypot Houses in either Wales or Hampshire. After their initial respite break of 4 days, they will return every year until they are 12. In addition to annual respite breaks, the charity visits every child within their own home communities up to 4 times a year to offer outreach support.

Honeypot House (Wales) project

The charity had a swimming pool at their Hampshire house for over 16 years and it was one of the most popular activities for children (87% of children stated it was their favourite activity at the house). In 2016, Honeypot House in Wales was purchased with the long term plan to add a swimming pool to the site. The House and swimming pool will provide respite breaks during school holidays and weekends for young carers. During the week, the swimming pool will be made available to local children. At the time of application £180,000 was raised towards a total project cost of £226,500. A grant of £25,000 was awarded.

“Our vision is for every child to be able to make the most of their one chance at childhood ... We give young carers a break from demanding and stressful responsibilities at home and provide a safe, nurturing environment where children at risk can develop their full potential.”

Honeypot Children’s Charity