Proactive Grants:
Better Futures

This initiative is not open to funding enquiries or applications.

The proactive Better Futures initiative was set up in 2013 as a response to the 2011 riots and to the socio-economic climate felt by many to have been a root cause.

With an initial £1.25 million allocation, its overarching aim was (and is) to help young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to reach their full potential.

In 2017, we engaged nfpSynergy to undertake an independent external evaluation of Better Futures, which found that it had met its objectives.

Based both on the nfpSynergy conclusions, and on our own internal assessment of the seven projects we funded, we will extend Better Futures by three years from 2019 with a new £1.25m allocation.

Better Futures grants to date:

  • 2017, ReachOut: £80,000 for a project working difficult to engage pupils at schools in four deprived London boroughs
  • 2016, Stephen Lawrence Trust: £150,000 for a project supporting disadvantaged young people in South East London into further or higher education
  • 2015, Making the Leap: £150,000 for a skills training and employment project in North West London
  • 2014, One in a Million: £143,000 for an out-of-schools arts and sports programme in deprived areas of Bradford
  • 2014, RECLAIM: £136,000 for a leadership programme for young people in deprived areas of Manchester
  • 2013, Catch22: £300,000 for a project working with secondary school pupils at risk of exclusion from mainstream education
  • 2013, YMCA England: £290,000 for a national street-work project aimed at young people aged 10-25 at risk of gang and/or knife crime involvement

Better Futures Case Studies